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Moritz Nebenführ on the 'Kempens Informatieblad' (EN)

20 03 2024 19:00 20:00

Art historian Moritz Nebenführ delivers a primer on the Kempens Informatieblad, a newspaper published by Jef Geys beginning in 1971 as an alternative to conventional exhibition catalogues. Tracing Jef Geys’ practice and concerns through the printed page, he presents close readings from some of the paper’s over 50 issues spanning nearly five decades to discuss the artist's strategies of self-archivisation, engagement and withdrawal.

In English
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WIELS Auditorium

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Moritz Nebenführ works as a researcher, exhibition and performance maker across the fields of art and theatre. Together with Gloria Hasnay, he curated two exhibitions of Jef Geys with a focus on the Kempens Informatieblad, at Linden, Düsseldorf (2017) and Künstlerhaus Bremen (2019), and has held lectures and workshops on and around the artist’s work, including at the University of Cologne, the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design.