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Launch Médor No. 8 (FR)

08 09 2017 18:00 19:00

Médor, the French-language magazine for research journalism, presents its eighth issue during the festive opening of the WIELS Art Book Fair.

Lancement Médor No 8

For this issue, which concludes Médor’s second year of publication, visual artist Yves Prévaux was invited to oversee its artistic direction as guest editor. In addition to an outline of the content by the editorial board, Prévaux will also discuss his own work and his collaboration with the photographer Axel Korban on this occasion. Innovation and risk-taking have always been essential characteristics of Médor’s identity. Prévaux’ punk approach furthermore deliberately disrupts our references and expectations. Images are polysemic and reproduced without rational explanation, giving way to a greater interaction with the reader’s imagination.

08.09.2017, 18:00
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