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The Promise of the Screen presents Homage to the Square, an evening around Josef Albers

01 02 2015 19:00 21:00

In a short documentary film directed by Hans Namuth and Paul Falkenberg in 1969, Josef Albers explains his painting technique and discusses his famous interpretation of chromatic interactions. He also insists on the necessity of a relationship between the viewer and his painting that is not paralysed in contemplation. Two of his former students, Richard Anuszkiewicz and Robert Rauschenberg, bear witness to his exceptional teaching skills. At the end of the film, Albers’ paintings leave the studio and liberate themselves from the traditional “white cube” to inhabit the space opened up by cinema.

Bonus 1: “Tu m’” by Pierre Leguillon
Bonus 2: “Six Colorful Inside Jobs” by John Baldessari

Cocktails by Strawberry Hill
With special thanks to Matthew Bakkom

Free with exhibition ticket

La Promesse de lécran présente Hommage to the Square soirée autour de Josef Albers