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The Promise of the Screen by Sylvie Eyberg

15 02 2015 19:00 20:00

“When I asked Pierre Leguillon if there was a Promise of the Screen dedicated to musical comedy, his answer came in the form of an invitation: he made me promise to make one myself. When somebody opens up his or her home like that, it becomes a place of encounter, a public space. Musical comedy is not a genre that everybody appreciates, but it is very common. Often, the only value the script has is as a pretext, the images are constructed purely for the musical moments. The movements of the camera, the dancers and the rhythm of their steps thus makes us cover the whole depth of the stage, from the street all the way backstage.” S.E.

With special thanks to Olivia Degrez

Free with exhibition ticket

La Promesse de lécran par Sylvie Eyberg