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JAP : Carte Blanche to Benoît Platéus (FR)

20 03 2019 19:00 20:30

At the invitation of JAP (Jeunesse et Arts Plastiques), Benoît Platéus presents Double Messieurs by Jean-François Stévenin, an exceptional French director who means a lot to the Belgian artist.

JAP Carte Blanche à Benoît Platéus

Before 1978, Jean-François Stévenin had explored almost all the jobs in cinema: besides acting with Truffaut, Rivette or Rozier, he had already performed various technical functions. There was only one aspect missing from his resume: the realization of a film. In 1978 he took the first step by producing his first film. As a burlesque deconstruction or a puzzle with missing pieces, Double Messieurs defies all reason and logic and prefers the casual, unforeseen and absurd. This comic drama with Jean-François Stévenin, Yves Afonso and Carole Bouquet shows great - almost extraterrestrial - cinema.

20.03.2019, 19:00
90 minutes
In French
Introduction by Benoît Platéus
Free entrance
Registrations via info@jap.be