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Félix González-Torres: "Untitled" (Fortune Cookie Corner)

25 05 2020 00:00 00:00

WIELS is pleased to be part of the worldwide presentation of the work “Untitled” (Fortune Cookie Corner) by Félix González-Torres (1957–1996), a work that was previously shown in the seminal retrospective exhibition

Félix González Torres Untitled Fortune Cookie Corner

Specific Objects Without Specific Form, in 2010 at WIELS. This presentation follows an invitation by the Félix González-Torres Foundation to a 1000 people to reconstruct the largest ever version of his 1990 installation, which comprises between 240 and 1000 fortune cookies in a place of their choosing from 25 May to 5 July 2020. Anyone who comes across the work is allowed to take a cookie. On 14 June, 2020, the work’s installers will replenish the fortune cookies. At the end of the show’s run, the cookies will no longer be considered a Félix González-Torres work. This is the first work in the artist’s candy series that celebrates generosity and love. To interact with the work includes touching and consuming its individual parts. The work is thus in a state of permanent transformation, directly influenced by its visitors. This international exhibition of “Untitled” (Fortune Cookie Corner) is a manifestation of international solidarity.

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