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Contredire le stéréotype, les oeuvres de W. Mutu comme ancrage dune historicité contemporaine

08 09 2010 00:00 01:00

Lecture by Elvan Zabunyan

Contredire le stéréotype les oeuvres de W Mutu comme ancrage dune historicité contemporaine

Wangechi Mutu's work manifests a deeply personal and singular character. While her Kenyan origin and American education make her a perfect example of what could be called a "globalized" or "global" art, the artist manages to escape from the stereotypes that define "Africanism" as seen from a Western perspective. Referring to postcolonial theory, anthropology, the representation of women and using techniques that dominate the art of the twentieth century, her work is primarily based on a reading of contemporary history. This conference will highlight these references in the works presented in the exhibition.

Elvan Zabunya is a contemporary art historian and critic who lectures at the University of Rennes 2. Her researches focuses on North American art since the 1960s, including the racial and feminist issues of the 70's. Since the early 90s, she has worked on issues raised by cultural studies, postcolonial theory and gender studies and has sought to build through these critical thinking, a methodology of contemporary art history articulated around cultural, social and political history.