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Lecture R.C. Morgan about Chinese Artists, Writing Beyond Writing (EN)

13 11 2014 19:00 20:00

On the occasion of the solo exhibition of Lin Yan at OFFICINA, Brussels, R. C. Morgan, art critic, lecturer and writer will talk on

Ink and Xuan: Chinese Artists, Writing Beyond Writing

-the specificity of Lin Yan


The new wave in China is no longer Political Pop and Cynical Realism. It has extended into a more internal historical search where a significant culture (China) is in the process of reawakening. Rather than copying the past, these artist/calligraphers are interested in breaking with the past by way of experimentation and thus continuing their tradition into the present. The work of Chinese born artist Lin Yan will be contextualized in relation to other important ink painters and artists, including Xu Bing, Gu Wenda, Wei Ligang, Wang Dongling, Fung Ming Chip, Hao Shiming, Yang Jiecang, and Wang Tiande.

Dr. Robert C. Morgan is a writer, critic, and artist. He is Professor Emeritus in Art History, Rochester Institute of Technology; Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute: Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts: recipient of the first Arcale award for International Art Criticism (1999).

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