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Conférence par John Welchman

25 06 2008 00:00 01:00

John C. Welchman is Professor of Modern Art History in the Visual Arts Department at the University of California, San Diego, and a contemporary critic with work in visual-cultural studies. His most recent publications are the 'Survey' for Mike Kelley in the Phaidon Contemporary Artists series (1999); Art After Appropriation: Essays on Art in the 1990s (Amsterdam/London: G + B Arts International/Routledge, 2001), one of the first critical studies of the art of the 1990s, and, as editor, the collected writings of Mike Kelley (vol. I Foul Perfection, MIT Pres, 2003; vol. II Minor Histories, MIT Press, 2004; vol. III Sonic Cultures, les presses du reél, 2005).

John Welchman