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Talk by Daniel McCLean (EN)

07 11 2012 00:00 01:00

From the contract of aesthetics to the aesthetics of the contract

Conférence de Daniel Mc Lean

Daniel McClean is a practicing lawyer and specialist for artists contracts and law involving artists. On the occasion of the exhibition Leigh Ledare, et al., he will discuss a series of contracts and artists' certificates which he has co-written with artists (including Leigh Ledare).

McClean will discuss the use of the contract within contemporary artistic practice as the artwork and as a site for documenting and mediating the artwork, including in projects that he has curated.

Also, he will place the artists use of contracts in a historical context, considering works by Marcel Duchamp and Yves Klein as well as Seth Siegelaub and Bob Projansky's ' The Artist's Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement' (1971).