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Ciné-club pour enfants

25 05 2013 00:00 01:00

Every last Saturday of the month from 10:30 untill 1:00 p.m. , Bains::Connective presents an original selection of innovative short animated films and children's movies from all over the world.

Ciné club pour enfants

The films are selected for their quality and originality, but also for the themes they address. Family members who wish to attend the screening are welcome! Following the screening, a bilingual workshop linked to the theme of the films allows children to try out their hands at different artistic disciplines while also fostering a creative and sensitive approach to bilingualism. A great opportunity, for a very low price!

This mounth:

Paper Madness,
Kidscam, B, 2011, 5', without dialogues

Eight youths, aged from 9 to 15 years, explore the stop-motion technique. An experimental film based on randomly chosen words found in old books.

Richard kelly, IR, 2010, 6, without dialogues

Paperman is an animated short film which follows a lone man's quest to find his true love in a busy paper metropolis. Will he find the Papergirl he hopes for?

Daniel Greaves, 1996, UK, zonder dialogues/sans dialogues, 25'

Matt Phlatt, his cat Geoff, and his fish Chips are regular, ordinary folks -- cel-animated, "flat" characters in a 3-D world. When a bank robber is released from a 1930s gangster film into Matt's world, the robber goes on a crime spree

Oscar nominated shortfilm.

Workshop animated by Elke van der Kelen:

This month we'll use paper to discover secrets in the history of movie. We'll make our own thaumatrope and flip-book.