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26 10 2014 00:00 01:00

Every last Saturday of the month, from 10.30 to 13.00, children between 5 and 12 years old can discover non-commercial children's films selected for their exceptional quality and originality. The programme includes short films, innovative fictions and animation classics, all of which are screened in the creative environment of WIELS Contemporary Art Centre.

Ciné club 6

Parents who wish to attend the screenings are also welcome!
Following the movie, a bilingual workshop (approximately 1 hour) allows the children to bring their imagination to bear on the theme, characters and situation of the film. Participants experiment with different artistic disciplines while simultaneously stimulating a creative and sensitive approach to bilingualism.

This month: 26.10.2013

Short Film "Fred & Leo",2+ Pal Toth, without dialogues, HU,1987,


Leo the Lion and Fred the trainer are doing fabulous circus and share the same trailer. Funny, endearing and very accomplices, we'll follow a hectic day full of surprises.

Workshop animated by Elke van der Kelen:

The circus arrived! The great adventures of Leo and Fred will inspire us to be creative with plasticine.