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Chloë Delanghe : Reasons to Be Cheerful

06 04 2016 19:00 21:00

Book presentation
Reasons to Be Cheerful by Chloë Delanghe deals with the problematic of portraiture and the supposed weight of image making. The book is a fragmented portrait of the artist’s mother Sally Kovacsik. The first chapter, composed of portraits made by Sally’s husband Geert Delange, shows her just before and after childbirth. The second chapter, on the contrary, juxtaposes family portraits with objects, rooms, letters and notes. Each image of the book functions as contained gestures, seeking both remoteness and closeness. Moreover, photographs of Welsh castles repeat this conflicting movement. Reasons to be Cheerful is a disorientation of images, a fragmented portrait.

Published by WIELS and Motto Books. With the support of EXKi.

Film screening:
The film, Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part Two, starts with a correspondence between Delanghe and her mother. The images reveal suspense as they show how the artist moves and expresses herself in her own words.