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Les Danaïdes Workshop

01 02 2023 18:00 20:00
01 03 2023 18:00 20:00
08 03 2023 18:00 20:00
05 04 2023 18:00 20:00

Les Danaïdes is a multidisciplinary collective that brings together visual artists, filmmakers, a philosopher and an anthropologist. Their aim is to help people with Diogenes syndrome through artistic activities. They produce, guide and experiment with traces of de-cluttering in order to ease the transition to dispossession. Every nocturne night, they take over the Kets atelier at WIELS and offer creative workshops that are open to all.

Bring an object that you would like to "D POSSESS" and transform it into a personal work of art.

Free entry, without registration

D14 Danai Anesiadou Anonerousanous Soft Disclosure Dimitris Parthimos 007 COLOURED

Danai Anesiadou, Anonerousanous: Soft Disclosure (2015-2017). Photo by Dimitris Parthimo. EMST—National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens.