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Park Poétik sows poetry in the streets

A summer full of wonder awaits you! From 25 June until 26 August 2023, Park Poétik will once again sow poetry in the streets and parcs of Forest and Saint-Gilles.


Kopie van 2023 PARKPOETIK siga FB 300 2 min

The theme of the summer, "what means together?", will be the common thread for a host of surprising interventions during this fourth edition. Together, artists, residents and local cultural organisations, will roll up their sleeves to offer you a programme of workshops, interactive shows, concerts, visual installations and parades. So open your eyes and ears for parades and street theatre that will take you like poetic spirals to jump, walk, dance and dream... Everyone is welcome!

Park Poétik is a collaboration of Team Poétik, Gemeente Vorst, Gemeente Sint-Gillis, WIELS, Le BRASS Centre Culturel de Forest, GC Pianofabriek, GC Ten Weyngaert, CC Le Jacques Franck & all the Poétikizen.n.e.s.