12.01.2017 Lecture Opening & Conversation: Sven ‘t Jolle & Zoë Gray (EN)
19.01.2017 Lecture Lecture by Paul Hendrikse: Non Rhythmic Utterance
26.01.2017, 19:00 Lecture La Nuit des Idées
29.01.2017 Lecture Look Who's Talking: Stella Lohaus (NL)
12.02.2017 Lecture - Bookshop Book presentation "Les ailes de la nostalgie. Un plaidoyer pour la beauté" by Francis Smets, Deystere Editions.
15.02.17 Lecture Look Who's Talking: Anne Morelli (FR)
01.03.2017 Lecture Look Who's Talking: Zoë Gray, Senior Curator, WIELS (EN)
07.03.2017, 18:30 Residence - Lecture Presentation of the Artists in Residency
19.03.2017, 5 pm Lecture - Bookshop Book launch : The Age of Entitlement, or Affordable Tooth Extraction - Sven 't Jolle
21.05.2017, 4pm Lecture - Bookshop Book launch: Californication by Magdalena Kita
02.06.2017 Lecture Symposium: The Absent Museum
02.07.2017, 16:00 Lecture - Screening - Performance Lecture-Performance & Film screening: Gluklya
05.07.2017, 19:00 Lecture Lecture: Virginie Devillez on Felix Nussbaum
08.09.2017 Lecture - Bookshop Launch Médor No. 8
09.09.2017 Lecture - Bookshop Reading Mini-Marathon: Juan Cruz Catalogue, It will seem a dream
09.09.2017 Lecture - Bookshop Guy Schraenen: It’s Over and Over
09.09.2017 Lecture - Bookshop After the End: conversation between GAGARIN’s Wilfried Huet and Mariana Castillo Deball
10.09.2017 Lecture - Bookshop Book Launch: Antonis Pittas, Road to Victory
24.09.2017, 16:00 Lecture Look Who’s Talking (Together): Valérie Mannaerts & Koenraad Dedobbeleer (FR)
28.09.2017 Residence - Lecture Presentation of the Artists in Residency
04.10.2017 Lecture Look Who’s Talking (Together): Richard Venlet & Kersten Geers (NL)
10.10.2017 Lecture Tina Sherwell & Jawad al Malhi: Reflections on Contemporary Palestinian Art
12.10.2017 Lecture Lecture: Yvette Mutumba (EN)
25.11.2017 Lecture - Performance Afrikadaa: Launch special issue & panel discussion
10.12.2017 Lecture Look Who’s Talking: Suchan Kinoshita (EN)
15.12.2017 Lecture Renaissance: A new artistic and discursive platform