A guided tour of the exhibition Hana Miletić: Dependencies by the artist, cultural worker An Vandermeulen (Beursschouwburg & Globe Aroma), and art historian and... Read more

Encounter with the artist Guillaume Bijl around his work presented in Unexchangeable. Self-taught artist Guillaume Bijl (b.1946, Antwerp), is mostly recognized for his alternative take... Read more

Encounter with the artist François Curlet around his work presented in Unexchangeable. François Curlet (b.1967, Paris) lives and works in Brussels. As a manipulator of objects and... Read more

In the framework of the exhibition Unexchangeable, Frank Vande Veire tells everything you need to know about postmodernism and the simulacrum theory of French philosopher Jean... Read more


Book Launch: Tamuna Sirbiladze

Tamuna Sirbiladze: Presentation of the artist’s monograph by Benedikt Ledebur and film screening Benedikt Ledebur will present the first and recent monographic publication on... Read more

WIELS hosts the event "Disrupting Democracy" in the seminar room.  In November 2017, Microsoft President Brad Smith took the stage at the UN in Geneva to make the case for a “Digital Geneva... Read more

Residence - Lecture

Presentation of the artists in residency

The artists in residency at WIELS this first semester will introduce you to their work through a series of short presentations, in the presence of artists mentors Sylvie Eyberg, Willem Oorebeek and... Read more

In this talk, Erik Thys will discuss the relationship between art and psychiatric vulnerability in the work of Sophie Podolski.   “More than we often realize, we are conditioned by conventions,... Read more


Dirk Snauwaert on André Cadere

The artistic director of WIELS, Dirk Snauwaert, speaks about the work of André Cadere (1934-1978), an artist whose work has made a lasting impression on Saâdane Afif. Cadere is known for... Read more

The artist takes you through his exhibition Paroles. 07.03.18, 18:30
In French
Free late night opening
Read more

Frank Mukunday and Tetshim are self-taught artists and produce animation films since 2010. Starting from their respective practices of drawing (Tetshim) and video (Frank), their duo gave birth to the... Read more

In this talk, Lars Bang Larsen will discuss Sophie Podolski’s drawings and texts in the context of the psychedelic art and literature of the 1960s and 70s, exploring its connections with the work... Read more


A guided tour of the exhibition Sophie Podolski: Le pays où tout est permis by curator Caroline Dumalin. 21.02.2018, 19:00 (nocturne)
In DutchRead more

On the occasion of the reprint of Le pays où tout est permis (1972), curator Caroline Dumalin will have a conversation with Joëlle de La Casinière and Olimpia Hruska on the genesis of... Read more


Reading: Glen Rubsamen (EN)

Artist Glen Rubsamen reads from his new story “The Chia Effect”, written especially for the closing event of the exhibitions Explorer by Rita McBride and Something Stronger Than... Read more