Lecture - Performance

Afrikadaa: Launch special issue & panel discussion

The journal Afrikadaa presents its special issue titled MUSEUM ON/OFF - MUSEE L’ONT L’EUX with a panel discussion moderated by Sorana Munsya and including: - Dirk Snauwaert (WIELS... Read more

Throughout history, traditional music and culture have been appropriated and misrepresented. Presently in Ukraine, patriotic songs play an important role in fuelling a populist, romantic nationalism.... Read more

Kids - Screening - Performance

Ciné-Club & Cyclo-kino

In the framework of the film festival Filem'on the ciné-club of 29/10 will be a special edition with extra screenings - interactive installation -... Read more

Music - Performance

Invisible Cities: concert

Invisible Cities is an audio-visual performance project by Audrey Lauro (alto saxophone; FR), Maja Jantar (extended voice performance; BE) and Lázara Rosell Albear (drums, electronics, visuals;... Read more

On the occasion of the launch of Go Ahead, an epistolary novel published by Rubiero da Reixirà, the author Coraline Guilbeau answers the questions of Diego Thielemans. 10.09.2017,... Read more

Ronan Le Creurer’s flying elements exist in turn as still sculptures and wind-activated, performative tools. They function as kites, whose history they evoke through research on the origins of... Read more

Performance - Bookshop

The Brussels Museum of Photography

The Brussels Museum of Photography is a new project by Recyclart. The fourth exhibition of this extra muros museum takes place at WIELS with an installation of images of 80 Belgian photographers. A... Read more

Lecture - Screening - Performance

Lecture-Performance & Film screening: Gluklya

Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya), who lives and works between St Petersburg and Amsterdam, is considered as one of the pioneers of Russian performance. Read more

In his new work The Guided Tour - Once We Shared Consequent Masturbation (2017), made for this occasion, Nástio Mosquito takes on a new character: Abdul RodeLaisse, a museum guide... Read more

Carsten Höller describes The Baudouin/ Boudewijn Experiment (2001/2017) as “a deliberate, non-fatalistic large-scale group experiment in deviation.” On 4 April 1990, King Baudouin,... Read more

Lili Reynaud-Dewar’s new performance Small Tragic Opera of Images and Bodies in the Museum (2017) – which premieres at WIELS – features an operatic chorus and raises timely... Read more