Indiscipline @ Palais de Tokyo

Brussels, the multifaceted and interdisciplinary capital, comes to light at the Palais de Tokyo. Within the space of a few years, Brussels has turned into an international platform dedicated to... Read more

Kids - Festival - Socio-artistic


On Sunday 12 June 2016, SuperVliegSuperMouche welcomes people of all ages in one of the nicest green spaces in Brussels: the Parc of Vorst/Forest. More than 60 organisations from Brussels have joined... Read more


Panorama Weekend

To mark the end of the renovation campaign enabling public access to the panoramic roof terrace, WIELS organizes a weekend of activities designed to reveal the panorama, and all activities... Read more

For MUSEUM NIGHT (5 March, 19:00-23:00) WIELS invites members of the public to become living sculptures for the duration of a free haircut. A performance proposed by the artist Edith Dekyndt as part... Read more