Launch PETUNIA 6

The feminist art and entertainment magazine Petunia presents a new lecture by Lili Reynaud-Dewar, co-editor of the magazine, at WIELS, Brussels on the occasion of the launch of its sixth... Read more

Lecture - Performance

Dublett book presentation

Dublett is a series of ‘double publications’ focusing on an artist’s practice, an artistic collaboration or an artistic project. Each Dublett consists of a new artist’s book and an anthology... Read more

Il Processo/The Trial focuses on the '7 April' trial (1983-84), against the members of the leftist revolutionary movement Autonomia Operaia, and on the Aula Bunker in Rome, the... Read more

In the framework of the exhibition The Body Decides, curator Elena Filipovic and artist Franz Erhard Walther will give an introduction to the work of the German... Read more

In the framework of the exhibition Franz Erhard Walther: The Body Decides, the artist will give a work demonstration. This work demonstration for adults will follow the one for children at... Read more

Kids - Performance

Work demonstration by Franz Erhard Walther for children

In the framework of the exhibition The Body Decides, artist Franz Erhard Walther proposes an exclusive work demonstration for children as of 8 years old. 23.03.2014,... Read more

The cultural anthropologist Mick Taussig and the artist Hélène Baril present their play The Sea Theater. Central theme of the performance is the questioning of the transformation of the sea from a... Read more

Open Call for
Participation in 'work demonstrations' during the exhibition Franz Erhard Walther: The Body Decides at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels. WIELS is looking for enthusiastic... Read more

Festival - Performance

Museum Night Fever 2014: A project by WIELS & PARTS

On 22 February, the guided visit of the Franz Erhard Walther exhibition will be complemented by a presentation by PARTS students of choreographed interpretations of some of the artist’s work... Read more