Kids - Screening


Every last SUNDAY of the month from 10:30 untill 1:00 p.m. the cine-club presents an original selection of innovative short animated films and children's movies from all over the world. The films are selected for their quality and originality, but also for the themes they address. Family members who wish to attend the screening are welcome! Following the screening, a bilingual workshop linked to the theme of the films allows children to try out their hands at different artistic disciplines while also fostering a creative and sensitive approach to bilingualism. A great opportunity, for a very low price! Read more


Launch PETUNIA 6

The feminist art and entertainment magazine Petunia presents a new lecture by Lili Reynaud-Dewar, co-editor of the magazine, at WIELS, Brussels on the occasion of the launch of its sixth... Read more

(SIC) is glad to announce the publication of “Livre VI” of its eponymous journal which takes the form of a book by Dutch-speaking Belgian philosopher Dieter Lesage, (director of RITS | School of... Read more


Symposium Ana Torfs: Echolalia (EN)

Symposium Ana Torfs: Echolalia with Emiliano Battista, Juli Carson, and Ruth Noack, organized by Sint Lucas Antwerpen and supported by BAM (EN) Read more


9 to 5

Mark Pezinger Verlag publishes artworks ranging from one-offs to higher editions and from books towards sound works to performances. In the exhibition 9 to 5 Mark Pezinger presents Kasper... Read more

Guided tour / Talk in Ana Torfs's exhibition Echolalia by Michel Assenmaker. Assenmaker is curator, art critic, editor, with Olivier Foulon, of the contemporary art journal Copie de... Read more


CINE-CLUB for children

Every last SUNDAY of the month from 10:30 untill 1:00 p.m. the cine-club presents an original selection of innovative short animated films and children's movies from all... Read more

Lecture by Mark von Schlegell. American-born Cologne-based cultural critic turned science-fiction writer, witness to a number of exhibitions by Mark Leckey, and amateur of the sort of cyber cultures... Read more

Guided tour of Ana Torfs's exhibition Echolalia by Dirk Snauwaert, curator of the exhibition and art director of WIELS. 26.11.2014, 19:00
FR Read more

Programme: 21.11.2014 - Cinematek 19:30: Conversation between Ana Torfs and Niels Ruell (FR/NL) 20:00: Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten by Ana Torfs... Read more

Kids - Festival

Kids Art Day

You are 5 years or older? Then you can visit with your parents and siblings in WIELS the exhibitions of Mark Leckey and Ana Torfs. Guides are ready with explanations, assignments, games and... Read more

On the occasion of the solo exhibition of Lin Yan at OFFICINA, Brussels, R. C. Morgan, art critic, lecturer and writer will talk on Ink and Xuan: Chinese Artists, Writing Beyond Writing -the... Read more

We wanted to build an exhibition around the "aesthetics of location" mainly,
but also included into this framework are the elements of interiors,
and the objects that... Read more

Lecture - Performance

Dublett book presentation

Dublett is a series of ‘double publications’ focusing on an artist’s practice, an artistic collaboration or an artistic project. Each Dublett consists of a new artist’s book and an anthology... Read more

Guided tour in Ana Torfs's exhibition Echolalia by Catherine Robberechts. Catherine Robberechts was trained as a historian. She is part of the Vlaams Bouwmeester Team, where she’s in... Read more



Every last SUNDAY of the month from 10:30 untill 1:00 p.m. the cine-club presents an original selection of innovative short animated films and children's... Read more

Talk-Guided tour of the exhibition Mark Leckey: Lending Enchantment to Vulgar Materials by Elena Filipovic, curator of the exhibition. 22.10.2014, 19:00
In... Read more

A project by Diego Thielemans with César Brun, Sebastian Capouet, Benjamin Installé and Raphael Van Lerberghe.  This project responds to the idea that the length of a film is... Read more

Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys have been working together as an artist duo since the end of the 1980s. Their photographs, drawings, objects, and videos—steeped in black humor,... Read more


Brussels Museums Nocturnes

This year again, WIELS will open its doors for you during the Nocturnes! On 2 October and 11 December, WIELS welcomes you from 17.00 till 22.00  to (re)discover the Mark Leckey exhibition in a... Read more

Book presentation of the artist book  ABOUT SPACE – Souvenirs; contains a series of playful artist interviews. The project was initiated after some screenings of nature documentaries at the... Read more

Lecture by Christophe Van Gerrewey on Echolalia.

Christophe Van Gerrewey is a writer and critic. He has published novels, essays and articles on architecture and the arts in... Read more

Maurizio Lazzarato is an independent researcher, philosopher and sociologist. He wrote on immaterial labour, the end of the wage system, and contemporary cognitive capitalism. His... Read more

Kids - Screening

CINE-CLUB for children

Every last SUNDAY of the month from 10:30 untill 1:00 p.m. the cine-club presents an original selection of innovative short animated films and children's... Read more

Lending Enchantment to Vulgar Materials is the largest exhibition to date of Turner Prize winning artist Mark Leckey. Spread across two floors of WIELS as well as the auditorium, the... Read more


Return to Sender

The young Brussels association KAOS (Kunstatelier Opperstraat - Ixelles) stands for artistic projects with artists with or without psychiatric disorders. For their project, Return to Sender, KAOS... Read more


Look Who's Talking: Dirk Snauwaert

Guided tour of Ana Torfs's exhibition Echolalia by Dirk Snauwaert, curator of the exhibition and art director of WIELS. 17.09.2014, 19:00
FR / NL Read more

Cynthia BEATT (b. 1949, lives and works in Berlin) was born in Jamaica and moved later to the Fiji Islands. She studied art in Britain and then traveled for a year through the Middle East, Iran,... Read more

Summer exhibition's finissage with special events and a barbecue! FILM SCREENING Los Angeles Plays Itself
by Thom Andersen
2003, 169minRead more


Look Who's Talking: Caroline Dumalin

Guided tour of During the Exhibition, the Studio Will Be Close by Caroline Dumalin, assistant curator of the exhibition. 23.07.2014, 19:00 Read more


Look Who's Talking: Caroline Dumalin

Guided tour of Rossela Biscotti's For the Mnemonist, S. by Caroline Dumalin, assistant curator of the exhibition. 16.07.2014, 19:00
NL / EN Read more


Lecture Renata Salecl

In the framework of Rossella Biscotti's exhibition For the Mnemonist, S., Renata Salecl will give a lecture on the artist's work. Renata Salecl is a slovene philosopher, sociologist and legal and... Read more

Round table discussion moderated by Lorenzo Benedetti, During the Exhibition, the Studio Will Be Close's curator. In the presence of Aukje Koks, Cathérine Lommée, Lorenzo Benedetti, Dirk... Read more

In conjunction with his solo exhibition at MADRE museum, Naples, artist and writer David Robbins produced a pop song, “Theme Song For An Exhibition,” with musicians in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As... Read more

The "vast difference between taking a picture and making a photograph" - on Robert Heinecken's Polaroid practice Read more

Il Processo/The Trial focuses on the '7 April' trial (1983-84), against the members of the leftist revolutionary movement Autonomia Operaia, and on the Aula Bunker in Rome, the... Read more

Guided tour of Robert Heinecken's Lessons in Posing Subjects and Allen Ruppersberg's No Time Left to Start Again and Again by Devrim Bayar, curator of the exhibitions. 05.06.2014, 7pm Read more

For his documentary film Conceptual Paradise, German artist Stefan Römer conducted numerous interviews with pivotal artists and theorists over a period of four years. The film... Read more


Annelies Vaneycken : The Return of O.

Travel plays a prominent role in the work of Vaneycken. She identifies conflicts or problems in particular cultures and makes them visible to a larger audience. Conflicts one only learns about when... Read more

Lecture - Bookshop

Art by Telephone ... Recalled - Book Launch

This book enables the rediscovery of an exhibition project : Art by Telephone, as well as contributing to the understanding of art practices since the 1960s. Art by Telephone took... Read more


Exhibition Lire et Ecrire

Since 2010, WIELS and the nonprofit organisation Lire et Ecrire Bruxelles Sud have offered weekly art workshops to an adult literacy group.
From 16.05.2014 untill 01.06.2014, you 're welcome... Read more

‘je bent de meervoudige taal - tu es la langue plurielle' will be festively inaugurated on the 6th of May 1 PM at WIELS. Read more

On the last day of Akram Zaatari’s solo exhibition, WIELS organises a conversation between the artist and curator Dirk Snauwaert to officially launch Zaatari’s exhibition publication. Hot... Read more

In the framework of the exhibition The Body Decides, curator Elena Filipovic and artist Franz Erhard Walther will give an introduction to the work of the German... Read more


Soft Measures

Soft Measures is a group exhibition curated by André Tehrani and Anthea Buys for the project space at WIELS Art Centre in Brussels. The project is a conclusion of Tehrani’s residency at... Read more

Since the early 1990s, there has been a growing artistic interest in memory as the medium of history, and a revival of biographical discourses about art. But does this lead to individualistic... Read more


CINE-CLUB for children

Every last Saturday of the month from 10:30 untill 1:00 p.m. the cine-club presents an original selection of innovative short animated films and... Read more

In the framework of the exhibition Franz Erhard Walther: The Body Decides, the artist will give a work demonstration. This work demonstration for adults will follow the one for children at... Read more

Kids - Performance

Work demonstration by Franz Erhard Walther for children

In the framework of the exhibition The Body Decides, artist Franz Erhard Walther proposes an exclusive work demonstration for children as of 8 years old. 23.03.2014,... Read more

Festival - Bookshop


PA/PER VIEW art book fair brings together 30 leading artist book publishers. Leave your laptop behind and come and browse amongst the finest titles of these consistent players of the printed word and... Read more

The cultural anthropologist Mick Taussig and the artist Hélène Baril present their play The Sea Theater. Central theme of the performance is the questioning of the transformation of the sea from a... Read more

Somewhere in Israel. Night. “Rami, you’re looking for Rami? Rami doesn’t exist,” a man says in Arabic. Somebody answers: “But let’s just say he does. Who is he?” This is what the... Read more

Talk - guided tour in Akram Zaatari's exhibition This Day at Ten by Dirk Snauwaert, artistic director of WIELS and coordinator of the exhibition. 12.03.2014, 19:00Read more

Over the past two decades, research on the interaction between photographic and filmic images has become increasingly popular. This new orientation is partially based on the insight that the... Read more

The letter, a medium of all ages, continues to renew itself. Akram Zaatari seeks to give it a new form, just like the artists in this programme. How would I know collects... Read more

Open Call for
Participation in 'work demonstrations' during the exhibition Franz Erhard Walther: The Body Decides at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels. WIELS is looking for enthusiastic... Read more

It takes courage to say what comes to her: she never knows what could come up and scare her. At some point, she felt like a tiger with a deadly arrow buried in its flesh. What is the... Read more

Festival - Performance

Museum Night Fever 2014: A project by WIELS & PARTS

On 22 February, the guided visit of the Franz Erhard Walther exhibition will be complemented by a presentation by PARTS students of choreographed interpretations of some of the artist’s work... Read more


DISSENT ! Akram Zaatari: Artist Talk

In the framework of Akram Zaatari's solo exhibition at WIELS and the lecture series DISSENT !, a conversation will take place in which the artist will discuss his cinematic work. How to represent... Read more

Hosted by the Cameroonian artist magazine DiARTgonale, the two special editions JAMAN (2012) and ECHOES (2013) present the outcome of a long-term curatorial endeavour, initiated in... Read more


Meeting Nico Vascellari

The solo exhibition of Nico Vascellari marks the opening in Brussels of the activities of ‘Officina’ , a new cultural association the main objective of which is to promote contemporary art by... Read more

To mark the end of the exhibition So Far So Good, WIELS organises a finissage with film screenings and a presentation by Raphaël Pirenne (SIC). In 1971 a film was screened at the... Read more

Gareth Long (b.1979, Toronto) currently lives and works in London. He is the first ever Curator in Residence at the Kunsthalle Wien. He holds a BA in Visual Studies and Classical Civilizations from the University of Toronto and an MFA from Yale University. Read more

Dyslexia – chunking along a straight line – at the crossing turn left is a book containing experimental layouts and fonts designed by Swiss graphic designer Salome... Read more

On the occasion of the exhibition So Far So Good of Walter Swennen, WIELS organises a conversation between the artist and artist-colleage Olivier Foulon. Olivier Foulon is a Belgian... Read more

The other side of the picture (the art of war, unremittingly starting all over again) :an essay that weaves several threads round a central question, that of  representing war. In contemporary art... Read more


W: a publication, installation and walk

WIELS asked BNA-BBOT and Zimmerfrei, a collective of Italian artists, to elaborate a socio-artistic project around the memory of the old brewery it is currently occupying. What was the influence of... Read more