Music - Performance

Onement Label Presentation II

Onement is a label created in 2006 for releasing unique, one-copy records on LP (Keith Rowe, John Tilbury, Robert Hampson...). For its second evening at WIELS, the label invites Yannick Franck to... Read more

Music - Lecture - Screening - Festival - Performance

Experienz # 2 - Materializing the Social

Held during the Brussels art fair, Experienz # 2 is an innovative, forward-looking package of four days of performances, choreographed actions, talk, lecture-performances, performed works, concerts... Read more

Music - Performance

Onement Label Presentation

The Onement label is inviting the audience in the hall of WIELS on Friday 8th March for a listening session of its newest release: a recording of English pianist John Tilbury performing a series of... Read more

Residence - Performance

Theo Cowley: 'On foot (red hat)'

“Monotony feeds on the new”
“Fashion determines, in each case, the acceptable limit of empathy”
Theo Cowley presents a collection of walks in the Saint-Hubertus galleries. The... Read more