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Ciné-club for kids

Every last Saturday of the month from 10:30 untill 1:00 p.m. (exceptionally moved to 22/12, before the Christmas holidays), Bains::Connective presents an original... Read more


Look Who's Talking: Dirk Snauwaert

Talk-guided tour of Joëlle Tuerlinckx' exhibition WOR(LD)K IN PROGRESS by Dirk Snauwaert, curator of the exhibition and artistic director of WIELS 19.12.2012, 7pm
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Critic and curator Paul Willemsen has already organized a number of projects, at Argos, around Joëlle Tuerlinckx’s audiovisual work. For Joëlle Tuerlinckx, sound and image have... Read more

Talk-guided tour of Joëlle Tuerlinckx' exhibition WOR(LD)K IN PROGRESS by the artist Joëlle Tuerlinckx and her friend and artist Willem Oorebeek. 12.12.2012, 7pm
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FINIR, (i.e. to end),the exhibition by Québec artist Raymond Gervais, curated by Alexandra Baudelot (Rosascape, Paris) at Maison grégoire, Brussels ( Read more


Kato Six: Focus moves aside, objects appear

The exhibition Focus moves aside, objects appear is the result of a study on memory and the things that surround us. Memory isn't used to represent the past or tell a story. The work is... Read more


Look Who's Talking: Dirk Snauwaert

Talk-guided tour of Joëlle Tuerlinckx' exhibition WOR(LD)K IN PROGRESS by Dirk Snauwaert, curator of the exhibition and artistic director of WIELS 05.12.2012, 7pm
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Presentation of the book A Toast to the Ghost, the Host by artist Michael Van den Abeele, published by WIELS. For this occasion, the artist will deliver a public reading/performance... Read more

Talk-guided tour of Joëlle Tuerlinckx' exhibition WOR(LD)K IN PROGRESS by the curator (Dirk Snauwaert) and the artist (Joëlle Tuerlinckx) 24.11.2012, 3pm
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With Anne Bossuroy, Jean-Daniel Bourgeois, Isabelle Copet, Jonathan Dewinter, Jenny Donnay, Lucie Ducenne, François Francescini, Jonas Locht, Xavier Mary, Gérard Meurant and Nicolas... Read more

For those who missed her first guided tour, curator Elena Filipovic will offer another guided tour of the exhibition, Leigh Ledare, et al21.11.2012, 7pmRead more


Lecture by Bart De Baere

Lecture by Bart De Baere, artistic director of MuHKA on the work of Joëlle Tuerlinckx. In the frame of the exhibition WOR(LD)K IN PROGRESS? by Joëlle Tuerlinckx. 14.11.2012, 7pm
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Lecture by Michel Baudson

Lecture by the art critic Michel Baudson on the work of Joëlle Tuerlinckx.  08.11.2012, 7pm
5 € / 3 €
In French
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Talk by Daniel McCLean

From the contract of aesthetics to the aesthetics of the contract Daniel McClean is a practicing lawyer and specialist for artists contracts and law involving artists. On the... Read more

sunday # 018, Gabriel Kuri's (untitled) edition, takes its departure from a quote by David Hume. 'All knowledge resolves itself into probability'. Gabriel Kuri added  a variation to this quate;... Read more

WIELS invites you to an evening curated by 

- Books & Magazines presentation.

- Two special music performances by Duchamp... Read more


Lecture by Moritz Küng

Moritz Küng (°1961, born in Lucerne / CH, lives in Barcelona) is an exhibition curator and book editor working at the intersection between art and architecture. He studied in the mid eighties... Read more

Kids - Screening


This month: Ciné-Club on Saturday 20 October, for the event "Place aux enfants" 10:30am to 1:00pm: Film
The Kiriki: Japanese... Read more


A talk by Catherine Mayeur

A talk by art critic Catherine Mayeur. In collaboration with Jeunesse et Arts Plastiques. 18.10.2012, 8pm
6 € / 4,5 €
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On the occasion of the release of his book with the same title, published by L'Arachnéen, art historian and art critic Jean-François Chevrier gives a lecture at WIELS.... Read more


Lecture by Catherine de Zegher

AN ATTEMPT AT A NEW BIENNALE MODEL Between Sydney and Moscow Catherine de Zegher, who led the Biennale of Sydney this summer, is also curator for the Fifth Moscow... Read more


Laura Wiedijk : Waver

The WIELS project room presents a new work, developed during the last year, a spatial installation titled “Waver”. The installation partitions the room in 4 categories in which several works take... Read more

Professeur d'art contemporain Hilde Van Gelder présente le catalogue "David Claerbout: The Time That Remains". Read more

To celebrate the end of this remarkable exhibition, WIELS shows the documentary that the BBC made in the frame of this show. Read more

Visite guidée de l'exposition de Jeremy Deller par Dirk Snauwaert, Directeur Artistique de Wiels Read more

Visite guidée de l'exposition de Jeremy Deller par Dirk Snauwaert, Directeur Artistique de WIELS Read more

From the early geometric abstraction to the recent series of silhouette paintings, passing through photographic works (Youth is an Art appears in its entirety) and ephemera never printed... Read more

4PM : Guided visit of Un-Scene II with Momus Nick Currie, more popularly known under the artist name Momus, is a songwriter, performer, and former journalist for Wired. Momus... Read more

For Un-Scene II, Brussels-based Norwegian artist Steinar Haga Kristensen has developed an installation in the form of a domestic pavilion within and around which he gathers many of his works –... Read more

Erg and WIELS invite you to the conference of Suely Rolnik on Monday June 18 at 7pm. Lecture in French. Suely Rolnik is a psychoanalyst, cultural critic, curator and professor at the Catholic... Read more

Beyt al Tapes is a Brussels tape label with a penchant for brightly colored, silk-screened limited editions and free music in all its forms (noise, free jazz, improv, vocal poetry, ...). at WIELS,... Read more


Festival Art & Alpha

Depuis 2010, grâce au soutien de Alpha Culture, le centre d'art contemporain, WIELS et Lire et Ecrire Bruxelles Sud tentent l'expérience d'offrir à un groupe d'adultes en... Read more

By creating unfamiliar characters with uncertain intentions, Trockel draws on a constellation of emotions to provoke, sometimes humorously, unsettling questions about generally held notions of identity. Read more


Cathérine Lommée : holes make stacks/Flexionen

Coating a piece of paper with a thin layer of veneer is sufficient to synchronise two substances into a spatial unit. Subsequently plane depth is created, a moment in/of space, delay. 'Flexionen' is... Read more

ince 1994, Xavier Noiret-Thomé has been building up a corpus of paintings of remarkable diversity. Readers of this book will discover the painter’s influences, and his openness in discussing them.... Read more

Residence - Screening

Jean De Lacoste : Interior Landscape

Presentation of a new film by Belgian artist Jean De Lacoste, made during his residency at WIELS in 2011. Collections slumber in the graveyard of art, no longer available to sight and cast away... Read more

This conference proposes to "read" some of the works exhibited at WIELS from a feminist perspective. We will go through Trockel's oeuvre by means of a demanding but evoluting framework. The visual... Read more

Between 1996 and 2000, Rosemarie Trockel and Carsten Höller realised a series of projects gathered under the title Maisons/Haüser. Taking the notion of the 'habitat' as a starting point,... Read more

A l'occasion du dernier jour de l'exposition de Daan van Golden : "Apperception", ne manquez pas la visite guidée par la commissaire de l'exposition, Devrim Bayar. Read more

Transcript of the lectures given by Petra Van Brabandt ("Charlotte Beaudry : between pleasure and violence") and Tom Viaene ("Outsourcing girls. The choreography of the public... Read more

Residence - Lecture

The inevitable structure of the book*

An afternoon conference on the structure, demands and implications of the book from the perspective of artistic practitioners. With lectures by Simon Hempel, artist, Hamburg; Mette Edvardsen,... Read more

Visite guidée de l'exposition de Rosemarie Trockel "Flagrant Delight" par Dirk Snauwaert, curateur de l'exposition. Read more

Residence - Lecture

Presentation of the new artists in residency

The new artists in residency at Wiels present their work during an evening of short lectures, followed by a drink. Join us and meet the artists who will be working with us for the coming... Read more

In the frame of the exhibition of Daan van Golden, WIELS presents two films in which the artist makes an appearance. Documenta IV directed by Jef Cornelis is a documentary about the... Read more

Visite guidée de l'exposition "Flagrant Delight" de Rosemarie Trockel par Dirk Snauwaert, curateur de l'exposition. Read more

This lecture is CANCELLED due to unforeseen circomstances Read more



PA/PER VIEW art book fair brings together +/- 40 leading artist book publishers. Leave your laptop behind and come and browse amongst the finest titles of these consistent players of the printed... Read more

Daan van Golden is a pure bred painter who has nonetheless never confined himself to the limits of traditional painting. Since the beginning of his career, in the early sixties, he approached... Read more


Museum Night Fever

On the 3th of March 2012, Museum Night Fever will be braving the wintry weathers once again to offer you a wild night! For this 5th edition, more than 20 Brussels museums and over 500 young people... Read more

Residence - Screening

Mai Hofstad Gunnes : Bike and Bolex

Le nouveau film 16mm "Bike and Bolex" de Mai Hofstad Gunnes reflète l'intérêt de l'artiste pour la construction de l'identité. Un groupe de cinq femmes roulent en vélo sur des chemins... Read more

Nick Oberthaler

Publisher: Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris
Texts (E/F) by Joanna Fiduccia (Los Angeles), Gallien Déjean... Read more

"N'importe quoi!" do some people say about contemporary art in an exasperated tone. Why deny it? Instead let us ask the question "Since how long can we make art with anything?". The answer will be... Read more

Where Do We Migrate To? is a book published in conjunction with the traveling exhibition of the same title, which explores diverging ways in which forms of migration, experiences of displacement, and... Read more

Sound performance/concert Especially commissioned by WIELS and conceived by artist Paulina Olowska and artist and musician Anna Zaradny for Alina Szapocznikow, this special event... Read more