Residence - Lecture - Screening

Residency Screening, Reading & Exhibition

The artists in residency invite you to an evening of presentation of their work. With: David Catherall, Rob Johannesma, Stephanie Kiwitt, Liesbeth Marit and Anders Nordby Read more

A lecture by Mieke Bal

A trip through the exhibition Serendipity is a discovery voyage of the miraculous nature of the everyday. Ann Veronica Janssens devotes her work to this politics of... Read more


Is Art a Lie?

For its 30th birthday, the SOFAM (Société des Auteurs dans le domaine des Arts visuels) organizes a colloquium and a party at Wiels on the theme of appropriation.

Read more

The light environments which made Ann Veronica Janssens famous in the late 90s belong to a genealogy of artworks which throughout the twentieth century, have immersed viewers in a sensory... Read more

Visite guidée de l'exposition de Luc Tuymans par François Liénard.

François Liénard (Texas, 1967) est organisateur d'expositions avec le Chalet de Haute Nuit (1994-2008), éditeur de... Read more

The lecture will focus on one of Kippenberger's less known but perhaps most important conceptual projects: MOMAS: The Museum of Modern Art, on the island of Syros, Greece.... Read more

Lecture on Bruno Serralongue's work by Catherine Mayeur

Since the beginning of the 90's, Bruno Serralongue imitates the procedures of photojournalism to produce images in total shift... Read more

From the late '60s until his untimely death in 1983, Guy de Cointet was an active member of the Los Angeles art scene whose encrypted works on paper and theatrical productions using readymade... Read more

Public debate between Carles Guerra, Kasia Ruchel-Stockmans, Alexander Streitberger and Dirk Snauwaert

After a closed workshop conducted by Carles Guerra for the students of the KULeuven... Read more

Colloquium organised by the Kunstenplatform van de Universitaire Associatie Brussel (Het Brussels model) with: Luc Tuymans (Antwerp), Gottfried Boehm (Basel) and Hans de Wolf... Read more

Presentation of Open 16 by Jorinde Seijdel, Editor in Chief of Open

- Pascal Gielen: The Biennal. A Post-institution for the... Read more

Residence - Lecture

Presentation of the new artists in residency

The new artists in residency at Wiels present their work during an evening of lectures.

With: David Catherall (CA), Lina Grumm (DE), Paul Hendrickse (NL), Stephanie Kiwitt (D), Fiona... Read more


Look Who's Talking / Heidi Voet

Heidi Voet guides you round the exhibition and proposes her subjective view: a unique visit of the exhibition Un-Scene ! Heidi Voet’s work is concentrated on the idea of one’s position in time and... Read more


Round Table: A Prior

Professor at the University of Leuven Rudi Laermans in conversation with Els Roelandt, chief editor A Prior Magazine: A discussion on the position of a Belgian based magazine in a globalised... Read more

Geert Goiris
Geert Goiris does not make photographic records. His works are best described as ‘photographic encounters’. He endeavours the impossible: to seek the one-off moment. At best,... Read more


Round table: CODE Magazine

United we stand, divided we fall Read more

Benoit Platéus proposes his subjectieve view on the Un-Scene exhibition : a unique conference ! Read more


Round Table: (SIC) Magazine

Between top and turning back on se repose Read more


Round Table: Janus Magazine

Curating a Generation Read more