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Cathérine Lommée : holes make stacks/Flexionen

12 05 2012 00:00 01:00

Coating a piece of paper with a thin layer of veneer is sufficient to synchronise two substances into a spatial unit. Subsequently plane depth is created, a moment in/of space, delay. 'Flexionen' is an operation on different planes in which this gesture is accumulated. Paralleled surfaces become timeframes, points overlap. Axes fluctuate, perforate and contain. Holes make stacks.

WIELS artist-in-residency Cathérine Lommée (born 1983, Bruges, Belgium) studied at KASK Ghent, FAMU Prague and Sint-Lukas Brussels. Her work has been under development in NUCLEO Ghent (2010-11), exhibited and presented at int. al. ERROR#13 Bruges (2009), Galerie Jan Colle Ghent (2009), Croxhapox Ghent (2008) and PLAT(T)FORM Fotomuseum Winterthur (2007).