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G. Küng

G. Küng est un artiste suisse-américain vivant à Bruxelles. Elle est diplômée de The Cooper Union en 2004, de la Glasgow School of Art en 2012. Elle a montré son travail à travers l'Europe et à New York; sa dernière exposition personnelle, What About the Babies?, a été inaugurée au Klemm’s, Berlin en 2017.

“I work across image and object making, organizing divergent elements in installations. Figurative paintings, photographs and prints, text-based work, furniture-objects, material-based assemblage; all these come together. The results mix personal concerns with socio-political ones. I’m interested in mental operations: word play and puzzles of logic; photographs, both painted and printed act like mental images; and cyanotypes and etchings lend the haptic quality I'm drawn to. What the work becomes in the mind takes primacy over physical characteristics which are often fragile, awkward. Works fall on a thermodynamic spectrum between intimacy and distance, where the two are apt to change places.”