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Family, Kets & Schools

Would you like to discover WIELS and its exhibitions with your family, with a group of children, young people or students? WIELS offers many formulas to enable everyone to discover this unique place and its programme, including guided tours, workshops, artistic days. Some of the many possibilities to approach contemporary art, develop your curiosity or tackle new ideas and practices.

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Wednesday Workshops for WIELS KETS

Every Wednesday, artistic workshops inspired and fuelled by the exhibitions are organized in the KETS space at WIELS. The WIELS KETS meet each Wednesday throughout the school year to explore artists and techniques, the world and themselves. 3 places remain open to accommodate children on an ad hoc basis.

€ 10 per workshop / € 175 per semester


Holiday Workshops

WIELS organizes holiday workshops for children between 6 and 12 years old. Artists and children work creatively together during an artistic week within the art centre.

  • Carnival Holidays: 15-02 - 19-02-2021 | FULLY BOOKED

    The moment to turn into someone we dream about or someone we might be afraid of... In the KETS studio we reflect on clothing and how it can tell something about ourselves or maybe hide something. Based on these reflections, we make costumes in paper and cardboard for short films. Bilingual NL / FR
  • Spring Holidays: 05-04 - 09-04-2021 and 12-04 - 16-04-2021
    Beautiful Days!

    Poetry surrounds us every day: in the WIELS exhibitions, but also on the street, in people, in clothes, in attitudes, in the spring that makes us blossom... The children are encouraged by the nonprofit organization KNEPH to conjure up their own poetic world.
    Bilingual NL / FR

    On Saturday 10-04, all children are invited to participate in a Festive Parade in the neighbourhood.

Prices: € 130 / € 110 for the 2nd child of the family
From 9:00 until 16:00 with day care between 8:30-9:00 and 16:00-17:00


Next Generation Please!

In preparation for the 2021 edition of Next Generation Please at Bozar, WIELS opens its doors to young people who actively question their educational institution and by extension the society they are living in, offering them a space where they can address the questions of youth representation and the appropriation of its image in contemporary society. They will conclude their work with films and a workshop. Are you between 15 and 25 years old and are you concerned with these issues?

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Discover WIELS with a class or group

Appreciating contemporary art can be easier with the help of a skilled guide who understands the various facets of an artist's work. Are you a teacher or a group monitor? If so, contact our mediation team: they will accommodate any group request and will spark everyone's interest in the course of a dynamic guided tour. The visit can be complemented by an on-demand workshop.

Guided visits only upon reservation.


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