Boris Thiébaut


When confronted with a work by Boris Thiébaut (Belgium, 1981), an hurried audience might, based on a first impression, falsely categorize this image as graffiti art. Thiébaut’s work is multilayered. His artistic practice involves a study of different types of graphical representation, whether these are words, abbreviations, drawings, logos, pictograms or even engravings. His discourse focuses on the relationships between the form and the content of a word; the tension between the signifier (signifié) and the signified (signifiant). Thiébaut’s graphic work thus cunningly seems to be simplistic but is in fact very complex. Numerous linguistic theories and concepts are translated into drawings, without the slightest bit of pretence, and without being reduced to mere illustration.

Boris Thiébaut graduated from the ERG, Brussels (2006) and from the Fine Arts Academy, Mons (2004). His recents shows include: Drawings Expanded, Locuslux Gallery, Brussels; Palazzo Existencia-Le spleen de Gand, Komijnstraat, Gent; Untitled, SecondRoom, Brussels. His work is represented by Galleria Maze, Torino, Italy.