Marlie Mul


Marlie Mul’s sculptures often simulate everyday outdoor objects that refer to human interaction, such as air vents used as ashtrays, heaps of snow arranged with stubbed out cigarette butts, or gritty rain puddles littered with generic bits of trash. With cigarette butts and litter depicting traces of human behaviour, the situations presented in these work suggest to the viewer an invisible presence of a virtual population or crowd. They serve as tools to examine the seemingly obvious and ask exactly how such situations are (and have become) familiar, which societal decisions preceded this and how human behaviour is shaped by such decisions.

Marlie Mul (b. 1980, Utrecht, The Netherlands) studied Fashion/Textiles at Academy for Visual Arts St. Joost in Breda, The Netherlands, Fine Arts/Sculpture at ABKM Maastricht and Architectural Histories & Theories at the Architectural Association, London, UK.

Marlie Mul's residency is supported by Mondriaan Fund.