David Claerbout : The time that remains

About this exhibition

This first major retrospective of David Claerbout’s work in Belgium will present several new video installations and a survey of existing works, alongside other media. Although David Claerbout is a skilled painter, he mainly works with video-, film- and photographic installations. In his work, he focuses on the difference between moving and still images, projections where time almost seems static or frozen and art’s inability to capture ‘evolving reality’ no matter the sophisticated technological images one uses. Claerbout’s work is characterized by slowness and precision, as a way to unravel and freeze narrative, the analyses of the classical approach of a story line by means of a sequence of images. Amidst his largescale projections, the spectator becomes a part of the image. Claerbout applies the language of film, to evoke and visualize notions such as image, representation, space and time. David Claerbout, born 1969, Kortrijk (BE). Lives and works in Antwerp and Berlin.