Larisa Sitar: Robust Boast

In her new exhibition Robust Boast, Larisa Sitar explores the cultural commodification of classical western styles of architectural decoration and how such motifs have now become... Read more

Guided tour of the exhibition Open Skies by artists Toon Fibbe and Jelena Vanoverbeek, together with WIELS curator Caroline Dumalin. Toon Fibbe (b. 1987 The Netherlands,... Read more

To mark the launch of the comprehensive and richly illustrated monograph Bernd Lohaus: IM SEIN BEI, this exceptional panel brings together Anny De Decker, Thomas Desmet, Stella... Read more

On the closing day of our current exhibitions Gabriel Kuri: sorted, resorted and Open Skies, WIELS presents a program of events including film screenings, an artist’s book... Read more