Extension: Under New Management

Extension is an artist group based in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was formed by Micky Damm, Rita McBride and Christian Odzuck. Extension began with obtaining an enormous quantity of aluminium tiles from... Read more


Suse Weber: Dynamic Template – 3:40:35

For Suse Weber, a sculpture’s origin lies in the manifestation of a symbol of power. The monument, the pedestal (or – as in some of Weber’s own installations – the rows of seats) stipulate... Read more


lonelyfingers: SEEDS

lonelyfingers is an online platform created in 2012 by visual artists Diango Hernández and Anne Pöhlmann. Their interest focuses on the objects and documents that accompany and inspire artists... Read more


Melissa Gordon: Make a mess, clean it up

For Something Stronger Than Me* Melissa Gordon proposes two separate pieces: one which inserts itself into the architecture of the show and another that is a collaborative space for... Read more



SPARTA was founded by David Mackaay in 2014 at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and is run by students. It is a social place to meet, to discuss and reflect: a room where food was served, parties held, with... Read more


Tonio Kröner

Tonio Kröner’s paintings, sculptures and installations evoke surrealist qualities: shifts in scale, from the realistic to the abstract or exaggerated, wild in combinations of the disparate. By... Read more


NUANS: Tutorial for Leadership

NUANS is an artist’s initiative by Anna Heidenhain, Elmar Hermann and Hugo Schneider, which always involves new collaborations in different places. NUANS has no fixed address and stays constantly... Read more


Monika Stricker

Monika Stricker is a German artist based in Brussels. A former student of Rita McBride at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, she was in residency at WIELS in 2013. Stricker is interested in the social... Read more


Ghislaine Leung

« Nine slim aluminium signs, black printed ink held within a gloss coated surface finish, offset from the wall by a slim metal fixing structure. The line of slightly over-small signs is hung low,... Read more


Teresa Cos: UU

"Countless people die everyday, yet those who remain live as if they were immortal." *
Teresa Cos presents a two-channel film and sound installation produced during her 12-month... Read more


Fake Calligraphy (session 3)

Fake Calligraphy is Manoeuvre, Maartje Fliervoet, Ada Van Hoorebeke, as well as participants. Manoeuvre is a collective for artistic co-creation. Fake Calligraphy is a sculpture... Read more

Centrale for Contemporary Art, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Studio Luc Tuymans, WIELS and BOZAR launch a new platform as a recurring artistic event in the city of Brussels, the capital of Belgium... Read more


Reading: Glen Rubsamen (EN)

Artist Glen Rubsamen reads from his new story “The Chia Effect”, written especially for the closing event of the exhibitions Explorer by Rita McBride and Something Stronger Than... Read more


Family Funday (NL/FR)

Discover Rita McBride’s exhibition with your children during an interactive visit 07.01.2018, 13:00 and 15:00
Free with entrance ticket of the exhibition – without... Read more