WIELS Art Book Fair 2017

About this event

WIELS organizes for the third time in September the WIELS Art Book Fair presenting over 50 artists, publishers & collectors who offer art books, artists’ books, photo books, catalogues, periodicals & other printed matter to the public. On Saturday and Sunday, a complementary programme of presentations, lectures and other related events will be presented.

WIELS Art Book Fair 2017
Opening: Friday 08.09.2017, 18:00-21:00 ( with presentation of the new Médor Issue 8! )
Open: Saturday 09 & Sunday 10.09.2017, 11:00-18:00

with :

&: Christophe Daviet Thery Editions (fr)
Almine Rech Gallery (be)
APE - (Art Paper Editions) (be)
Archive Books (de)
ARP2 Publishing (be)
ArtKitchen / De Cult Club (nl)
Bries (be)
C | Q | M | T - CentQueuesMilleTêtes (be)
Captures éditions (fr)
Coracle (ie)
Corraini Edizioni (it)
David Evrard (be)
De Klaproos / Le Coquelicot (nl)
De Player (nl)
De Vleeshal (nl)
Editions Adverse (be)
Editions B42 (fr)
Editions Enigmatiques & Alt Editions (fr)
Editions Incertain Sens (fr)
Editions Macula (fr)
Ergo Pers (be)
Franck Ancel (fr)
From Me To You Publications (be)
Gevaert Editions (be)
Hand Art Publisher (de)
Hotel (be)
In The End, Books? (be)
Jap Sam Books (nl)
Katarina Rudebeck (nl)
L'Appât ASBL & Galerie E2 (be)
La Houle (be)
Libri Finti Clandestini (it)
Lubok Verlag (de)
Lyre Press (be)
MacGuffin Books (be)
malenki.net & hesperus print* Verlag (de)
MER Paper Kunsthalle (be)
MonoRhetorik (nl)
Occasional Papers (uk)
Octopus Notes (fr)
Onomatopee (nl)
Posture Editions (be)
Print Control (pl)
Red Lebanese (fr)
Roma Publications (nl)
Shelter Press (fr)
SIMILIX / Jean-Pierre Bauduin Editions (be)
sittcomm.sk (sk)
Sophie Feyder (be)
Surfaces Utiles & La Perruque (be)
Theophile's Papers (be)
Triangle Books (be)
Valiz (nl)
Violenta Publishers (be)
Yuki Okumura (jp)
Zegwerk (be)