Performance by Egle Budvytyte: Skateboard Prayer, or Head Below the Heart

About this event

In Skateboard Prayer, or Head Below the Heart, Eglė Budvytytė explores a choreography of restriction in relation to the semi-public context of the art centre. The performance takes place at a scheduled time during the first three days of the exhibition, not unlike an opening ceremony. Seven performers slowly trace a line throughout the various visible and invisible spaces of WIELS.

With: Chris Harrison-Kerr, Kurt Vandendriessche, Ana Victoria Iommi, Paola Zampierolo, Irina Lavrinovic, Kevin Trappeniers, Benjamin Kahn

With the support of Mondriaan Fund

17.06.2016, 20:00
18.06.2016, 15:00
19.06.2016, 15:00

Free with a ticket to the exhibition