The Promise of the Screen presents
Photography Manual

About this event

An anthology of film scenes about how to frame, shoot, light and develop film, and also, perhaps, about how to commit suicide with a camera. This sequence is based on technical and popularising works kept by the French Photography Society in Paris, and details the multiple uses of the medium: from fashion photography to judicial photography, and from amateur photography to photo-journalism.

Based on an idea by Pierre Leguillon
Production: Elysée Museum, Lausanne
Photo expert: Aurélien Mole
Camera: Julien Crépieux
Montage: Adrien Faucheux
Assistant editor: Olivier Strauss
With special thanks to Clément Chéroux, Paul-Louis Roubert and Sam Stourdzé.

Bonus: “The Polaroid SX–70” by Charles and Ray Eames

Free with exhibition ticket