The Miracle of Being Where You Are

About this event
A lecture by Mieke Bal

A trip through the exhibition Serendipity is a discovery voyage of the miraculous nature of the everyday. Ann Veronica Janssens devotes her work to this politics of gift: offering the public an experience of the marvellous in the everyday. The lecture closely examines a few of the exhibited works in order to understand their effects, or rather, "affects". At the end of the day, the (im)material the artist has chosen to work with, light, illuminates who, when and where we are.

Mieke Bal, a cultural theorist and critic, is Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Professor (KNAW). She is based at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), University of Amsterdam. Her areas of interest range from biblical and classical antiquity to 17th century and contemporary art, modern literature, feminism and migratory culture. Her many books include A Mieke Bal Reader (2006), Travelling Concepts in the Humanities (2002) and Narratology (3d edition in press). Mieke Bal is also a video-artist, her experimental documentaries on migration include A Thousand and One Days; Colony and the installation Nothing is Missing. Her work has been exhibited internationally. Occasionally she also acts as independent curator.