Annelies Vaneycken : Repórter sem Beiras — Black Wires

About this event

The work of Annelies Vaneycken focuses on cultural differences and identities. It deals with the transformation of identity in situations that cause ‘friction’, in situations where people are confronted with another culture. It appears in circumstances where people (and animals) have immigrated or where people’s identities are portrayed in a clichéd, false or prejudiced way by the media etc. The social issues that arise from cultural identities form the inspiration for her projects.

These last years, Vaneycken has been working on Repórter sem Beiras. It deals with the negative perception attributed to the people living in favelas — the slums of Brazil. After staying in various favelas for several times, she created a series of newspapers to help break down this stereotype and  to communicate a broader view and sense of the personal identity of these communities. The WIELS project room presents an installation with a series of walljournals.