Look Who's Talking / Geert Goiris

About this event
Geert Goiris
Geert Goiris does not make photographic records. His works are best described as ‘photographic encounters’. He endeavours the impossible: to seek the one-off moment. At best, this is something that just happens to a person. One bumps into it unexpectedly; it’s a gift. Very much
like a ‘hapax legomenon’ – the linguistic concept referring to a word that is found only once in a continuous text. It could be said that the world that we are used to experiencing forms a kind of continuous text in space and time. That is where this unique experience occurs, suddenly and
unpredictably; for one brief moment, the world speaks to us. In this sense, each of Goiris’ images is a hapax legomenon. The choice of subjects is definitely not arbitrary – on the contrary, the
interruption of the world is an exceptional event. He attempts to capture this extraordinary moment in a photograph even though the image can only capture its disappearance.