Andrea Crews

About this event

A unique, colorful and festive closing event for Yayoi Kusama's exhibition at Wiels!

Wiels invites Andrea Crews to perform in Belgium for the first time! Since its founding in Paris in 2001, Andrea Crews combines several disciplines of contemporary art under the appellation "Fashion Art Activism". Between art and fashion design, she presents and stages her collections like performances, hapenings and video clips, creating events at the border of art and everyday life . For Wiels, Andrea Crews will organize a performance in Yayoi Kusama's installation and which exuberant actions will be broadcasted live via webcams.

For Wiels, Andrea Crews organizes a series of workshops for kids who will create clothes and fashion accessories with second-hand clothes. This collection will be presented during a performance in the installation of Yayoi Kusama, broadcasted live on a large screen in the brew hall of Wiels, where the public will be welcomed.

Andrea Crews founder and fashion designer, Maroussia Rebecq conceives and transforms second-hand clothes. Her creations and performances have been presented at the Palais de Tokyo, the Fashion Museum, the Générale and the Museum of Modern art in Paris. After Madrid, Jakarta, Mexico, Bilbao, Berlin and Amsterdam, she prepares a project of recycling of clothes in New York with the White Box Gallery in 2008.