Dareen Abbas: Immersion

About this event

In Immersion, Dareen Abbas seizes the passage of events as a means to delicately reveal dimensions that can only be accessed indirectly, through interweaving of archetypal imagery and material qualities.

Immersion is an audio-visual installation evoking a parallel universe that hovers around our physical existence and current human condition. Merging video projections and sculptures, Dareen Abbas focuses on the transformation of materials whereby the camera captures its emotional and mental entanglement with the force of gravity and the primary elements (water, earth, air and fire).

After taking part in the WIELS Residency Programme in 2017, Dareen Abbas developed this work during a long residency at Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre and in the context of Moussem's co-production Broken Shapes, a union between author Rimah Jabr’s writing and theater work and Dareen Abbas’ visual work.

Director of Photography: Geert Verstraete; Visual Advisory/Editing: Teun Brock; Assistant Director: Bas Bonhof; Sound: Arzue Saglam (water), Laurens Desmet (dominos); Sound Recording: Vincent Struelens; Woodwork: Yannick Castanga; Casting: Fabienne Massart. 

Special thanks to Gert Boel, Inblauw Hotel and Oriane Amghar.


WIELS Project Room
01.07 - 09.08.2020
TUE - SUN 14:00 - 18:00
Free admission
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