Cinema Parenthèse #14: Moira Tierney - Down Claiborne


CINEMA PARENTHÈSE and WIELS presents a screening of Down Clairborne (2018) by MOIRA TIERNEY.

In the framework of the exhibition Ellen Gallagher & Edgar Cleijne: Liquid Intelligence at WIELS

Moira Tierney’s film Down Clairborne examines one of the most striking aspects of New Orleans’s topography: a highway that cuts right through the city, slicing through, among others, the historic 7th Ward. This is also the starting point for the film installation Highway Gothic by Ellen Gallagher and Edgar Cleijne presented in the exhibition Liquid Intelligence at WIELS. Built in 1968, it dismantled one of the most active Black neighbourhoods, which still operates under the shadows of the “freeway.” The local community reclaims their neighbourhood using a variety of tactics: mural painting, represented by the frescoes painted onto the concrete pillars supporting the highway overpass, and collective masking traditions, as evidenced by the Mardi Gras Indians, in the neighbourhoods surrounding the highway.

Tierney’s Down Clairborne zooms in on the Mississippi and down into the Treme, slides under the highway overpass and moves down Claiborne Avenue from pillar to pillar, building to a celebratory and cathartic climax with the Comanche Hunter and Hard Head Hunter tribes of the Mardi Gras Indians meeting in ceremonial battle on Mardi Gras.

Sunday 14.04.2019, 15:00-17:00
WIELS auditorium
Entrance: 6/4€ (Reduction for students and unemployed)
Or included in your entrance ticket of WIELS

- Introduction (English)
- Down Claiborne
2018 | super 8 and 16mm to file | color  | sound (english dialogue) | 51'00

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