Cinema Parenthèse: Paolo Gioli, The Pierced Screen

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Cinema Parenthèse presents the film program Paolo Gioli: The Pierced Screen with an introduction by Enrico Camporesi.

A tireless inventor and tinkerer (‘bricoleur’) of film and photography apparatuses, Paolo Gioli (b. 1942) is one of the most peculiar protagonists emerged from the Italian scene of the 1970s. Unique, for his eccentricity, though at the same time double, that is: divided in his own parallel analysis of fixed images and moving ones. And at a closer glance, one could argue that his entire body of work is haunted by the figure of the double, starting from, obviously, negative and positive (most often 16 mm black and white film printed onto color stock). The program presents a path through a selection among a filmography that spans forty years. These six films let us peek into a laboratory in which – following Sergei Eisenstein’s genealogy of the medium – the “urge to secure phenomena” (photography) meets “the urge to secure a process” (cinema).

Enrico Camporesi oversees the research and documentation activities at the film collection of the Musée National d’Art Moderne – Centre Pompidou (Paris). He recently published Futurs de l’obsolescence, a book on artists’ films preservation (Editions Mimésis, 2018). In 2015 he curated, with Eline Grignard, the exhibition “Paolo Gioli: Faces” at Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn, NY). He edited with Philippe Dubois, Antonio Somaini, and Eline Grignard the catalog Paolo Gioli. Impressions sauvages, forthcoming for Les Presses du Réel (April 2019).

In the presence of Enrico Camporesi

Sunday 03.03.2019, 15:00-17:00
WIELS auditorium
Entrance: 6/4€ (cash only) (Reduction for students and unemployed)


Introduction (English)
Enrico Camporesi

Del tuffarsi e dell’annegarsi (On diving in and drowning)
1972 | 16mm | b&w | silent | 10'25

L’operatore perforato (The perforated operator)
1979 | 16mm | b&w | silent | 8'53

Film stenopeico
1974-1989 | 16mm | colour | silent | 13'06

Quando i volti si toccano (When faces touch)
2012 | 16mm | b&w | silent | 6'44

Filmarilyn (Filmarilyn)
1992 | 16mm | b&w | silent | 11'12

I volti dell'anonimo (Faces by a person unknown)
2009 | 16mm | b&w | silent | 10'30

Total running time: approx 60'00

In collaboration with Ambasciata d’Italia – Istituto Italiano di Cultura Brussels.

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