Book presentation: Joke Robaard & Camiel van Winkel, Archive Species


Archive Species is an inquiry into the representation of clothed bodies in print media since the 1970s. Artist Joke Robaard and writer Camiel van Winkel have been re-assembling and re-reading the vast archive of fashion and newspaper images that Robaard has collected since 1979. Together, they selected images from the archive and arranged them into dynamic series or cycles, generating new narratives and unexpected pathways of signification. Using an artistic strategy of appropriation and alienation, the authors identify crucial connections between body, object, and behaviour, in an elaborate attempt to expose the hidden cultural and political layers of fashion photography.


Presentation: Introspection from the Perspective of the Vertikal Klub by Willem Oorebeek

Conversation between Joke Robaard and Camiel van Winkel, moderated by Caroline Dumalin

2018, Valiz | supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, LAPS, Research Institute for Art and Public Space, Arctic Paper | Design: Elisabeth Klement

20.02.2019, 19:00-20:00
WIELS Auditorium
Free entrance
In English