Cinema Parenthèse: Land/Scapes 3

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Cinema Parenthèse presents Land/Scapes, a series of three programmes with films by Claes Söderquist, Els van Riel and Werner Nekes, that explore the encounter between film and the expanse of landscape. This comprises the investigation of historical and dimensional aspects of space, and a reflection on the medium of film. The ‘here’ of the camera stares at the ‘there’ of the landscape, two alien opposing forces that embody numerous dichotomies; nature versus culture, the natural versus the artificial, organic versus machinic et cetera.

In the 1960s, Werner Nekes (1944-2017) began making films and experimenting with different film stocks to test the possibilities of the medium. Free from narrative and psychological aspects, the films are organized according to temporal units and structural systems as they focus on aspects of representation. In a direct dialogue to pre-cinematographic optical techniques – with different ways to create illusion of movement  –   Nekes referred to his films as “light theatre”.

Nekes collaborated with the filmmaker, painter and photographer Dore O. He was part of Hamburg’s ‘Prokinoff’ film directors’ circle, started the ‘Filmmacher Cooperative’ in Hamburg and was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts (Hochschule für Bildende Künste).

In the presence of Ursula Richert-Nekes (artist’s widow)

Thursday 06.12.2018
19:00 – 21:00
WIELS auditorium
Entrance: 4€ (cash only)


Introduction (English)

1973 | 16mm | colour | sound | 16'00

1971 | 16 mm | colour | sound (no dialogue) | 42'00

1974 | 16 mm | colour | sound (no dialogue) | 39’00

In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Brussel.


Cinema Parenthèse

Cinema Parenthèse is a collective of writers, programmers and filmmakers that organizes experimental film screenings and dialogues in Brussels. Current members are Wendy Evan, Els van Riel, Nicky Hamlyn, Daniel A. Swarthnas and Arindam Sen.