Finissage: Paroles by Saâdane Afif

About this event

To mark the end of Paroles, join us in the Paroles Lounge at WIELS to listen to all the music made over the course of the exhibition. Studio master Valentin Noiret plays a selection of highlights from the 70 jam sessions that have taken place in Studio Paroles over the past three months. Musicians and amateurs have made their own interpretations of Afif’s works, using the lyrics contained in the publication Paroles (Songbook) as their starting point. All of these songs are now available on the website which is completed and officially launched as the exhibition closes. Join us to listen to the results of this collective process in a relaxed setting, in the company of the artist, and seize the last opportunity to visit the exhibition.

22.04.2018, 18:00 – 21:00
Free lounge  (WIELS Mezzanine) 
Exhibition open until 21:00 with entrance ticket