Lucia Nimcova, And the last to profit is the country rat

About this event

The sending of messages by means of coded ballads provides a way for women to teach other women not only about the values of the culture (which are, as the lyrics of theses ballads repeatedly demonstrate, largely negative about women), but also about how to survive in the environment that holds such values. The coding is useful because of the men in the audience: it might not be wise to say overtly that the only safe way to deal with a man is to outsmart him, but singing a ballad in which a female character outsmarts a man could transmit the message in a socially acceptable (even entertaining) way.

Lucia Nimcova was an artist in residence at WIELS in 2016, with a deep interest in the complex, paradoxical, tragic, humorous and sometimes absurd set of social and cultural relations that form everyday "reality" in the Eastern Europe. Her work in photography, video, performance and sound attempts to capture both official and private experiences within groups and communities.


Lucia Nimcova
And the last to profit is the country rat
in the framework of Something Stronger Than Me*
04.10.2017 - 22.10.2017