Reading: Glen Rubsamen (EN)

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Artist Glen Rubsamen reads from Futureways (2005), edited by him and Rita McBride.

Futureways is a fake science fiction novel that tells the story of an art exhibition in the distant future. It features chapters written by different contributors – including artists, critics, curators, museum directors, journalists and writers – all of whom create fantastical landscapes that simultaneously work within and outside the convention of science fiction. At its heart, it depicts the ’tangible marvels’ of the imagination and the role of the artist as time-traveller, forward-thinking yet never forgetting the past.

Conceived by Rita McBride, Futureways is the second in the Ways Books series, a collaboration between the Whitney Museum of American Art, Printed Matter, Inc. and Arsenal Pulp Press. Also included in the series are Heartways, Crimeways and Myways.

Contributors to Futureways include Laura Cottingham, Nick Crowe, Aline Duriaud, Nalo Hopkinson, Nico Israel, Matthew Licht, Peter Maass, Rita McBride, Glen Rubsamen, David Schafer, Mark von Schlegell, Rutger Wolfson and Alexandre Melo, translated by Brad Cherry.

07.01.2018, 16:00
In English
Free with entrance ticket of the exhibition