Rita McBride: Explorer



This succinct and elegant book acts as a souvenir to the exhibition of Rita McBride’s work, titled Explorer, which took place at WIELS in the autumn of 2017. Illustrated with exhibition views of her works installed in the former industrial spaces of WIELS, it highlights the fruitful dialogue between sculpture and architecture that is always key to her practice. The book focuses particularly on the new work Guide Rails (2017) that McBride conceived for this exhibition, comprising 200m of whitewashed wooden barriers that guided visitors through the spaces.

The book also features an insert documenting the contributions made by the artists who took part in SOMETHING STRONGER THAN ME*. This was an evolving programme of interventions, performances, installations, workshops, radio shows, videos, guided tours, tutorials that took place over the course of four months within the framework of Explorer, initiated by artists Rita McBride and Willem Oorebeek.

Edited by Rita McBride and Zoë Gray

Published by WIELS and Occasional Papers
Essay by Zoë Gray
Summary of SSTM* by Devrim Bayar
Photographs: all images of Explorer by Anne Poehlmann
; images of SSTM* 
by Kristien Daem & Eloi Boucher
Design by Sara De Bondt
Printing by Die Keure
ISBN: 978-0-9954730-2-7

10.00 €

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