Gabriel Kuri


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Limited edition of 12 in support of WIELS exhibition

Gabriel Kuri has an eye for the overlooked, for materials and details that speak volumes about our society and its flows of value and information. Creating a limited edition for WIELS to sell in support of his forthcoming exhibition sorted, resorted, Kuri has seized upon the humble bag clip: a rectangle of plastic used most commonly to seal bread bags (as well as bags of fruit and other perishables) and provide the consumer with its best-before-date.

Usually small and made of flexible polystyrene in a range of colours – which can also signify the day on which the bread was baked – Kuri has enlarged the shape and rendered in in thick, sturdy white plastic. Similar forms appear in a new installation included in the exhibition itself, while these 12 editions are each inscribed with a sell-by date, underlying their mercantile function. The edition is thus typical of Kuri’s playful approach, which takes a very material approach to the world around us.

The edition can stand on its own, inhabit a bookshelf, lie flat on a surface, or lean nonchalantly against the wall. Buyers can also adapt the work by including other materials or objects in the tag’s “grip”, (whether a pair of socks, a scarf, a wallet, etc.) following the advice of the artist.

Material: CNC cut-out HDPE plastic with engraved and hand-painted letters
Dimensions: 41 x 36,6 x 2cm
Edition of 12
Price: 1500€ inc. VAT (all profits go to support WIELS)

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Sold out

1500.00 €

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