Poster Power is an activity book for anybody, young or old, curious to explore the world of the visual arts. With bold hand-drawn typography and a curated selection of posters by the design giants,... Read more

Screening - Bookshop

Film screening: Gert Robijns, Reset

What’s interesting about a house in a dead end street in a village somewhere? After having lived and worked in New York, Berlin and Brussels, the Belgian artist Gert Robijns returns to... Read more

Lecture - Bookshop

Book Launch: Antonis Pittas, Road to Victory

On the occasion of the launch of the new publication of Antonis Pittas, the artist will have a discussion with Kris Dittel about his work and the publication. Published in conjunction with Antonis... Read more

On the occasion of the launch of Go Ahead, an epistolary novel published by Rubiero da Reixirà, the author Coraline Guilbeau answers the questions of Diego Thielemans. 10.09.2017,... Read more

Ronan Le Creurer’s flying elements exist in turn as still sculptures and wind-activated, performative tools. They function as kites, whose history they evoke through research on the origins of... Read more

Animaux Super School (2017), created by Misssouri under the supervision by David Evrard and realised by Béatrice Delcorde made by archive images of the courses 'Master Sculpture' at the artschool... Read more

Kids - Bookshop

School is cool!

During the Art Book Fair, WIELS invites kids over to customize their folders and notebooks, to go back to school in the coolest way. Plain book covers and boring wrapping days are over. Spread out... Read more

Founded in the millennium year 2000, the independent artists’ magazine GAGARIN is a unique project that collects and documents original texts by contemporary artists from across the world. Aimed at... Read more

Lecture - Bookshop

Guy Schraenen: It’s Over and Over

Guy Schraenen is the founder of the Galerie Kontakt (1965-78), of the publishing house Guy Schraenen éditeur (1973-78), of the Archive for Small Press & Communication (A.S.P.C.) (1974-1999). His... Read more

Performance - Bookshop

The Brussels Museum of Photography

The Brussels Museum of Photography is a new project by Recyclart. The fourth exhibition of this extra muros museum takes place at WIELS with an installation of images of 80 Belgian photographers. A... Read more

To mark the recent launch of Juan Cruz’ collection of art writings entitled Catalogue: It will seem a dream, Occasional Papers has invited curators, artists and writers to read passages from the... Read more

Lecture - Bookshop

Launch Médor No. 8

Médor, the French-language magazine for research journalism, presents its eighth issue during the festive opening of the WIELS Art Book Fair. For this issue, which concludes Médor’s second year... Read more

An event to mark the debut of 'Californication', the first major book by Magdalena Kita, published by Snoeck Verlag, Cologne. The programme will be presented in a 'talk show' format, with panel... Read more

Curator/editor Zoë Gray and designers Luc Derycke
 & Esther Le Roy (Studio Luc Derycke) will be present to launch this guide to Sven ’t Jolle’s artistic practice on the closing day of... Read more

"How is it that we are still barbarians?" Schiller asked himself. Francis Smets’ book Les ailes de la nostalgie chants this question as a refrain. Like a dowser, the author assesses all... Read more