School visits

School visits

The school visits are organized for pupils from the primary as well as the secondary level. Each visit is adapted to the age, the level of knowledge and the number of participants. They are based on the active participation of the children and aim to help them appreciate the works, rather than to impose a knowledge. The visits end with a creative workshop: the opportunity to deepen the discovery of the works presented in the shows. 

The activities that we offer influence the different aspects of knowledge, namely : 

  • Stimulate the imagination
  • Experience different artistic techniques 
  • The development of an observant and analytic mind
  • To express themselves orally with respect for others
  • The development of the possibility to analyse and understand the world around us
  • The development of a critical mind 

By reservation only, from Tuesday to Friday


All the details of the visits can be discussed. Don't hesitate to contact us: together we will find the solution that meets your expectations, your financial possibilities and the identity of your group.

Practical information

  • At the back of the building, a parking is available for cars and schoolbusses
  • Come by public transport, trams 82 and 97 or bus 49 and 59
  • On demand, there's the possibility to organise a picknick for the group

Information and reservations: or 02 340 00 52